Description: A ballad in the style of Alice In Chains unplugged - vocal harmonies, steady drums and guitar support the soaring vocals through a tale of trust, and deceit.

Description: melancholic tune played by an acoustic guitar and some light keyboard sounds.

Description: Clean & fresh pop with an eletro-acoustic vibe which is perfect for corporate and business projects. Has an upbeat and motivational theme which will underscore inspiring projects and moments of inspiration.

Description: An 80's pop/rock style track in the style of prog band Rush.

Description: Easy going, resting, composition with guitar melodies and riffs.

Description: Positive and charged with hope, this track features a rock band and has an epic quality. This track will slowly draw you in and whip you up into intense energy. Great for TV drama, romantic drama, motivational or inspirational videos. Sounds like U2

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