Description: Classic rock sounding track based on sounds from Led Zeppelin's first two albums.

Description: hard, danger, dream, cool road movies,

Description: Powerful and anthemic, featuring a fusion of acoustic piano, synth arpeggios, orchestral strings and rock elements. Builds to create a dramatic and epic scene. Corporate presentations, adverts, movie trailer, motivational, promos.

Description: Upbeat and bright. Friendly melodic pop rock track with a positive vibe. Featuring acoustic guitar and rock guitar. Evokes team spirit and motivation. Corporate branding, ideas, infomercials, ingenuity, innovation, launch, life, magazine, music on hold, new markets, startup, story, today, trendy, underscore, universal, webinar

Description: Rock track featuring acoustic and electric guitars over soaring synth pad. Think somewhere between Kings of Leon and Coldplay

Description: Upbeat and bright, featuring electric guitar, driving drums and synth textures creating an uplifting and inspirational mood. Style of U2, Coldplay. Corporate branding, teen, tween, family, travel, documentary, MTV, VH1, rom-com, sitcom or indie movie.

Description: Rock instrumental track in the style of Kings Of Leon or perhaps an edgier Coldplay. Features electric piano and ambient electric guitar. Great as a dramatic background track, or for corporate or commercial use.

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