Description: This track start out with an electric guitar riff which keeps this tune driving forward with an optimistic energetic positive feeling of anything is possible with the right attitude. It will fit right in and liven up any of your visual projects needing this energetic and uplifting emotional support.

Description: An upbeat and melodic pop rock track, featuring catchy guitar lines, driving drums, uplifting synth leads and bright string sections. Perfect for commercial, motivational or sporting video projects.

Description: An Energic, Dynamic and Uplifting Indie Rock song that encourages passing, to achieve these objectives and success. Brit influenced (Coldplay, New Wave), Pop and melodic this song dress up your presentations and corporate videos. Perfect for TV/Radio advertising, podcasting, viral marketing or any project that requires a fun and uplifting sonic backdrop. Loop Version available on Audiomicro.

Description: piano based pop/rock music with significant and dramatic string accompaniment.

Description: Fast Fun, Young, Driving, Energetic Guitars, Drums, Synths,Vocals Jonas Bros, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato

Description: Positive, aspiring & inspiring orchestral pop crossover piece conveying an uplifting motivational purpose, positivity & inspiration to succeed, it is particularly suited to corporate use as it has the big, positive epic dramatic feel in the vein of Coldplay, U2, Keane, The Beatles & Led Zeppelin.

Description: piano based pop/rock music with significant and dramatic string accompaniment.

Description: Alternative, Pop, Rock 'n' Roll

Description: Upbeat indie pop rock song with electric guitars, piano, acoustic guitars, flangolets, bass and drums. Great for your sport videos and clips, commercials, animations, winter sports videos and movies and many more!

Description: A new beginning ! Let the old remain in the past . This positive track enlightens your mood with its optimistic melody. Life is beautiful , enjoy each single day as if there's no tomorrow. This track is great for those fast and energetic openings , sports / cars / robots . A Tense driving energy from beginning to end Warm and reflective , this home / family / good times oriented track bring new positive beginnings and optimistic thoughts .