Description: This is a logo sound sequence featuring some harmonic guitar lines that introduce an advertising idea.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Rock

Description: This rock track truly explodes with joy. It is designed to utilize some very catchy riffs combined with powerful sound of electric guitars and drums with additional claps. Perfect as joyful advertising background, for kids videos, and other projects requiring music that spreads happiness in a rock-pop format.

Description: Upbeat, feel good, energetic. Funky Electric guitar, bass, drums, light background vocals

Description: Upbeat, feel good, energetic. Funky Electric guitar, bass, drums, light background vocals

Description: A positive instrumental track in the genre of mainstream popular music, bold and confident in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued determination to achieve one's goals, accomplish one's ideas, be creative, resolute, and successful.

Description: A motivational instrumental track in the genre of mainstream pop-rock, positive and exciting in mood, well-suited for scenarios imbued with confidence, assurance, optimism, and energy.

Description: Need a song about Beer? Check out Beer O Clock, a rip roaring ride through a 1950's style track with cool 12 bar blues, rocking guitars, pumping drums, and cool harmonies! Perfect for evoking that feeling of the 40's and 50's era, and for selling lots of Beer! The lyrics constantly reference Beer and Beer O Clock.

Description: Corporate lives are often described as dangerous political rat races. Positive Corporate Climb reminds us that, in spite of all that is happening in our work place, it all depends on how we choose to respond to those events. Instead of feeling miserable and stuck, think positively and find ways to get those positive vibes into your life! Available in 5 versions: Positive Corporate Climb (2:20) Positive Corporate Climb Loop 1 (0:30) Positive Corporate Climb Loop 2 (0:30) Positive Corporate Climb Loop 3 (0:30) Positive Corporate Climb Loop 4 (0:30)

Description: Electric Guitar Stinger/Ident/Logo (22 seconds) ideal to link different scenes in various TV programs (fictions, soap operas....). Just simply an electric guitar, a bass guitar and drums. Simple, linear, perfect to be used as logo and ident.

Description: 20 seconds electric guitar segue ideal to create a sound transition between different scenes in many types of TV broadcasts. It has a sort of country feeling and it's perfect to create a sense of serenity and calmness, poise and leisure. It could be also used as intro in a wide variety of footages.