Description: Upbeat, elevating and uplifting pop-rock track. Electric guitars, piano, synths, bass and drums. Elegant harmony and bright sound. Nice background for positive projects.

Description: Dreamy, motivational track, featuring delay, vintage, optimistic Rickenbacker guitars, consistent drums and airy, ambient, keyboard sounds and strings. Good for advertising, presentations, corporate, positive moods...

Description: Rock Waltz Ballad with Synth-Guitar Lead

Description: Starts out with delayed electric guitars and gradually grows and evolves into a big and powerful uplifting anthem around 1:04. Inspire, motivate and uplift your audience with this music which is suitable for corporate videos, advertisements, and more.

Description: Corporate lives are often described as dangerous political rat races. Positive Corporate Climb reminds us that, in spite of all that is happening in our work place, it all depends on how we choose to respond to those events. Instead of feeling miserable and stuck, think positively and find ways to get those positive vibes into your life! Available in 5 versions: Positive Corporate Climb (2:20) Positive Corporate Climb Loop 1 (0:30) Positive Corporate Climb Loop 2 (0:30) Positive Corporate Climb Loop 3 (0:30) Positive Corporate Climb Loop 4 (0:30)

Description: Motivating, Inspiring and uplifting indie pop/rock track perfect for corporate productions, commercials, advertisements, youtube videos and more.

Description: A bold, lovely, & powerful upbeat tight pop rock track featuring strong female vocals, smooth electric guitar phrases, a sweet synth melody, & a solid rhythm section. Fresh, inspiring "moving on" love song usable for radio play, film or tv scenes & video media productions, background for slideshow. Female Vocals, Rock, Pop Rock

Description: Instrumental groove track with rock and new age influences. Music for an active lifestyle. Outdoor fun, sailing, surfing, and travel. Music that is energetic, action music, with a strong beat. Exciting piano playing.

Description: Positive, uplifting song with a catchy melody, full of energy and joy of life. Uses a blend of piano, synths, groovy bass and some electric guitars.

Description: Rock organ plays punchy pattern over synthesizer bass and drums in 115 second loop.