Description: Electric guitar music in contemporary pop style, very romantic and stylish, useful fir background music

Description: Electric guitar music with contemporary feel, very romantic and sensual useful fir background music

Description: Guitar music stylish happy Pop music style

Description: This is an inspiring and motivational pop rock track evoking the feeling of success and fulfillment. Great for corporate video, sport themes and business projects.

Description: Instrumental composition, there are keyboards, bass, drums and guitar carries the main melody. Rhythm was built in 6/8. The nature of the composition romantic, positive.

Description: Guitar instrumental composition with elements of funk. The mobile, fast, positive.

Description: Bright room, good thoughts, beautiful guitar riffs, positive instrumental composition.

Description: Positive instrumental composition with a guitar melody. Good mood.

Description: Instrumental song. In the beginning, the composition with a nostalgic sense, then the mood changes. Guitar melodies and interesting rhythms create movement.

Description: Easy going, resting, composition with guitar melodies and riffs.