Description: Drive Me Crazy is an upbeat, lively and peppy pop song with female vocals, drums, keyboard and synthesizer. Great for commercials, videos, films, advertisements, advertising, websites, TV promos, background music and soundtracks.

Description: It’s warm, romantic track. Good for advertising and presentation, wedding love story. Breezy background for videos

Description: Positive, acoustic, organic and creative music for all your positive and creative projects. The Ukulele and the acoustic piano are accompanied by folk percussions in a sunny atmosphere.

Description: Words Hurt is a touching song that depicts the emotional vulnerability of a couple's relationship challenges. The music, melody and overall soundscape, intertwines gracefully, whilst providing the listener with the perfect atmosphere and backdrop of the couple's journey.

Description: Emotional touching music.wA calm melancholic and touching music track, which is made in classical style with the use of a variety of classical, percussion instruments and electric instruments. Suitable for family, romantic videos, travel videos, corporate videos, nature videos, and inspirational projects. There are two options: the first one without percussion, the second with percussion and the party of accordionav

Description: Romantic music track. It gives you feeling of happiness and love. Good choice for wedding video or love story, commercial, youtube video, tv or radio program. The track is created with drums, bass, guitars, piano, vibes, strings and synths.

Description: Instrumental composition with a good and positive mood.

Description: Uplifting and elegant instrumental pop track with grand piano, strings, acoustic guitar, drums and bass. Great for video presentation, fresh projects, radio, advertising and more...

Description: Bright and dynamic. Features ambient guitar and luscious strings along with piano to give soft orchestral feel, much like a lullaby. Ends big with full percussion section to take it home.

Description: Warm and confident. A dynamic waltz that features dreamy piano sounds along with melodies played by the glockenspiel and human whistle. Builds from beginning to end.