Description: Modern sound. Features the piano, acoustic guitar and drums.

Description: Whether big or small, this song talks about something that can take care of it all, which can be applied to many topics or situations from a small wipe to a little bit of love. The music is great as a vocal or instrument with a prominent acoustic feel perfect for showing the fun part of technology or to not take yourself too seriously.

Description: Anthemic pop/rock instrumental with strong build a la Coldplay and U2. Communicates achievement, motivation and confidence

Description: Pop cues featuring acoustic piano, acoustic guitars, bass, drums and synth pads.

Description: solo piano trades off patterns, forming a/b structure. suggested for scenes depicting achievement of positive goals, heartwarming montages.

Description: This is the first 60 seconds version of Epic Success Story: a powerful motivational track with rock and orchestral influences. This track is suited for inspirational projects that need a power boost. The contrast between the calm piano/orchestral parts and the heavy rock choruses deliver an extra doze of energetic emotions to lift up the listeners and deliver that boost that your project needs. The track could go along very well with epic sports material and successful stories in general.

Description: questioning in a moment of uncertainty, a simple song.

Description: Corporoate or mainstream pop-rock sound. With a bouncy ryhtm. Light electric guitars, lively drum beat, and a staccato violin melody.