Description: This fun, down-to-earth tune is marked by the electric piano, but derives lots of energy from the bubbly bass and drums. Positive energy flows from the music to put audiences at ease and encourages lightheartedness.

Description: The Evibes element has a cool echo effect that gives this piece spaciousness. The music tells a story. The piano represents a solo individual perhaps on a journey. The piece quiets down to just the bass and drums making it a good candidate for background.

Description: Through contrasting chords, this tune moves through a bright, reinforcing sound to a more mysterious and ethereal mood and evokes a sense of motion. The synth parts provide that bright element to the sound while the drums and bass entrance as the underlyi.

Description: This is an upbeat and playful and simple tune that may work well with light presentations that represent the positive or possibly humorous experiences in life. The main melody represents a circle; therefore any presentations with cyclical themes would wor.

Description: This easy-going tune sets the mood nicely through its hypnotic rhythm and soft, electronic sounds. The high string sound adds an element of sophistication and spaciousness to the overall sound while the bass bubbles beneath it all.

Description: The drums in this piece are super rich and give it a laid back feeling. Use it with presentations that target a young crowd that are into hip-hop or funk music. The piece can be used as background music in presentations that aim to sell clothing lines or.

Description: Electronic and pop elements combine to create this haunting and dreamy sound. The eerie melody in the first section glides above a strong groove and gives way to a piano riff that is a fragment or shadow of the original melody. The overall effect is that.

Description: The Filter component in this piece creates an atmosphere of mystery. The rhythm is strong and driving. This piece is perfect for background music in presentations that aim to sell products related to a person's image (watches, jewelry, shoes, etc).

Description: This alluring mix of hip hop and ambient elements creates a sophisticated atmosphere that can play in the background almost endlessly. The piano melody descends at its own pace and provides the sound with its sophisticated feel. Use this SoundSet in produ.

Description: This piece opens up with the dreamy Choir component. The drums and bass provide a sensual rhythm making this piece ideal for presentations involving products or services associated with image. Slow moving images or animation, possibly in contrasting color.