Description: This slow piece creates a certain funky, carefree atmosphere. It goes well with slow, flashing images or animation. Presentations that wish to sell products or service based on image may benefit from this piece.

Description: This piece has a funky groove. It combines elements of jazz and funk and makes it ideal for almost any presentation that requires a bit of an attitude or a departure from the expected. This piece should work for audiences of all ages.

Description: This piece has funk and hip-hop elements and retains a laid back feel. Presentations with special visual effects and slow-moving images or animation (with freeze-frames) would work well here. This piece can definitely be associated with selling an image (.

Description: This piece has two rhythms running together, a very fast composite rhythm and a much slower one carried by the Pad and Piano components. Presentations that need an energetic sound with a care-free attitude would work well with this piece.

Description: Stark contrast between two drumsets (the two drum components) characterize this piece. The beat is strong and would be perfect for any presentation that requires a strong backdrop for the sound. It is hip and full of motion.

Description: This SoundSet has a steady and driving rhythm created by the Bass and Drums components. Presentations that need to sync up with definite music cues (downbeats) would work well with this piece.

Description: This SoundSet has a very flowing rhythm making it ideal for presentations involving cutting-edge products or services. Still-Motion photography or images would work very well with this piece.

Description: This pop tune contains elements of jazz mainly found in the Piano and Bass components. The Voxeffects component adds a modern feel to the piece making it ideal for laid-back or relaxed presentations.

Description: This SoundSet has a nice dance rhythm with a sustained string note at the top. The sound is carefree and modern. Presentations with flashing images and contrasting colors and light effects would work well with this tune.

Description: This tune goes well with non-serious presentations that wish to portray fun and youth. The organ component provides a hint of funk and jazz. The music would lend itself to humorous, clever, or even sophisticated situations or themes.