Description: This is a loop version of a positive and Inspiring rock music track featuring emotional performance on electric guitar, bass, drums and percussion. Upbeat and carefree feeling of summer and sunshine, success and accomplishment. Great for commercials, promotional videos, TV and radio, films, YouTube videos. Successful and uplifting music great for any project. 

Description: This piece takes one back to the Disco years. The beat is sensual and flowing. Presentations that need some retro sounds or that need to add a fun, carefree element would work well with this piece.

Description: A sound that is the epitome of inncence and bliss… A simple melody descends on the second part of this tune while a combination of bass and drums animate the sound with an infectious groove. The overall effect is that of satisfaction and positive feelings.

Description: This traditional pop tune has elements of dance music and mainstream pop sounds. Presentations that contain themes from pop culture would work well with this tune. It is somewhat light and carefree.

Description: Beautiful, inspiring and uplifting composition. Perfect for your media content!

Description: This is a positive, uplifting and motivational pop rock track that’s perfect for your corporate / business media project. Whether it’s about challenges, growth, teamwork, courage or motivation, this piece will turn your project into a convincing and encouraging production. Thank you for listening.

Description: A looped instrumental with the sound of current charting pop.

Description: a song with an acoustic nylon guitar. loopable

Description: This SoundSet has a sensual feel created by the Voxeffect, Drums and Keys components. Presentations that push image, fashion and anything that is associated with sensuality would work well with this tune.

Description: Rhythm drives this piece and has a slight element of funk. The distortion guitar provides a nice laid back melody on top of the beat. Contrasts in light and shadow in visuals would play along well with the mood provided by this tune.