Description: A fun pop loop with a big synth and a guitar melody

Description: Une pièce jazzy groovy, très sixties, comme jingle pour tout vos projets visuels

Description: classic orchestra, oboe solo instrument. G Major

Description: This light and moody pop tune has a funky beat. The piano gives it an ethereal feel. Use it in introspective presentations that blend emotion, thought and a little rhythm.

Description: This tune avoids any kind of serious notion with its dance beat and silky pad lines above it. The treated synth melody gives this soundset a distinctive sound. Use it in any presentation depicting youth, fun and the brighter things in life.

Description: Need a nostalgic 70s sound? Remember Styx? This tune combines retro sounds with a modern electric pop beat to create an innocent and carefree atmosphere. Use this soundset in any presentation that accents the lighter side of life.

Description: A relaxed tune with a nice riff or drumbeat. It can be used as an ambient sound by leaving out the drums or it can be used as a drum and bass tune. Use it in any production where you wish to create a laidback, almost neutral environment.

Description: This cool tune is an eclectic mix of urban and hip hop elements with a bit of reggae and jazz. Also you can almost hear rap lyrics above the beat. This sound can be associated with style and can be used in any production that uses synchronicity of images.

Description: This strange, moody sound is a mix of pop, rock and ambient elements. There are pads and ambient sounds wafting atop a beat that is reminiscent of old Prince songs. Add some filters and the sound has an almost mystical tone to it. Use it in productions th.

Description: This bluesy toe-tapping tune has a tiny hint of Stevie Ray Vaughan in the guitars. The beat is square and energetic. The fiddle dances atop the guitars and the beat. Use this music in to evoke a sense of celebration, pride and enjoyment of life.