Description: This is my new positive background chill acoustic music 30s looped track with calm lovely romantic mood, which contain acoustic guitar, soft drums and live bass…This 30sec loop can be used anywhere – as a relaxing musical background for websites, games, tv or radio jingle, advertising, wedding and commercial video etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:) 30s, 40sec, Positive rock, acoustic, acoustic guitar, advertising, background, bouncy, bright, calm, cheerful, corporate, corporate music, dreamy, easy, every day, game, happy, holiday, hopeful, inspiration, inspirational, intro, joyful, light, lively, logo, mellow, motivational, music, nature, opening, optimistic, peaceful, positive, positive music, presentation, reflective, relaxed, romantic, smooth, soft, sweet, travel, upbeat, valentine, video, video game, website, looping

Description: flowing, driving piano instrumental that builds in energy with the entrance of acoustic drums. especially suitable for ~30 second titles, introductions, and spots.

Description: a sensitive feel good 30 second track.

Description: This laidback tune has elements of hip hop and jazz marked largely by the beat. The ambient sounds in the background also add an ethereal element to the music. Use this in any production to evoke an image that is cool, collected, and in control.

Description: This easy-going tune sets the mood nicely through its hypnotic rhythm and soft, electronic sounds. The high string sound adds an element of sophistication and spaciousness to the overall sound while the bass bubbles beneath it all.

Description: Electronic and pop elements combine to create this haunting and dreamy sound. The eerie melody in the first section glides above a strong groove and gives way to a piano riff that is a fragment or shadow of the original melody. The overall effect is that.

Description: Alternate version of 700103, repeating loop goes into conclusion.

Description: A fun pop loop with a big synth and a guitar melody

Description: Une pièce jazzy groovy, très sixties, comme jingle pour tout vos projets visuels

Description: classic orchestra, oboe solo instrument. G Major