Description: This SoundSet has a sensual feel created by the Voxeffect, Drums and Keys components. Presentations that push image, fashion and anything that is associated with sensuality would work well with this tune.

Description: This SoundSet has a very flowing rhythm making it ideal for presentations involving cutting-edge products or services. Still-Motion photography or images would work very well with this piece.

Description: This tune can be characterized by its sensual and rhythmic piano component. The strings on top add an element of mystery and mood. The overall effect is that of reminiscence, of delving into a past of fond memories perhaps. Use it in presentations that wi.

Description: Pop and jazz elements mix over a moderate beat. The piano rides a blues scale in rhythmic notes. The feel is stable and a bit mellow. The sound is ideal for a sophisticated production that does not take itself too seriously.

Description: A laid back, self-assured walking rhythm characterizes this tune. The organ part gives it a modern feel when combined with the treated synths. Productions involving lighting effects, stop-and-go animation would work quite well with this piece.

Description: Perfect for corporate presentations, this content tune is dominated by the piano and horns. All instruments take turn in playing equally important roles in the composition. The music also has a slight hint of Latin sound, giving it an international feel.

Description: This strange, moody sound is a mix of pop, rock and ambient elements. There are pads and ambient sounds wafting atop a beat that is reminiscent of old Prince songs. Add some filters and the sound has an almost mystical tone to it. Use it in productions th.

Description: Listening to this SoundSet inspires you to achieve your personal best. Envision a record-setting athletic performance, a technological breakthrough, or a spiritual renewal. It is seriously uplifting and a good match for visual productions highlighting a m.

Description: This eclectic sound is a mix of electronic and industrial styles over a strong, almost urban beat. Various uses of filters and slides give this sound an edge and the synth melody seems to pound out a signal in Morse code. Use this music to exhibit a moder.

Description: A celebration of sound… This tune is an eclectic mix of pop and jazz elements, all built on the Blues scale atop a grooving drum set. Use this SoundSet in productions that require a bit of sophistication without the stuffiness of the usual corporate parad.