Description: upbeat catchy pop style theme.

Description: acoustic pop ballad with soaring strings, piano and a sweet guitar solo. abeautiful and emotional piece.

Description: Listening to this SoundSet inspires you to achieve your personal best. Envision a record-setting athletic performance, a technological breakthrough, or a spiritual renewal. It is seriously uplifting and a good match for visual productions highlighting a m.

Description: This is an ambient sound with a meditative rhythm. The pace is laid back yet not lagging. Use this sound in the background of presentations to focus the viewers on a particular idea or image, to draw them in.

Description: funky electronic dance / pop - big synth bassline !!.

Description: This traditional pop tune has elements of dance music and mainstream pop sounds. Presentations that contain themes from pop culture would work well with this tune. It is somewhat light and carefree.

Description: Filtered synths and popping bass lines abound in this energetic tune. There are plenty of elements contained in this SoundSet to create a hip mix. This tune is ideal for web presentations because of the compact file size of the elements.