Description: A soft melodic pop rock track featuring female vocals, acoustic piano, electric bass, percussion. A clavichord melodic hook is also used. Cool cruise boat groove, bouncy fun strong feelings and a gentle solid beat. Good track for theme song, promotions advertisements and various media projects

Description: A happy upbeat soft pop track featuring female vocals that will put a smile on your face and a skip in your step. Latin, RnB, and jazz influences are heard with both a joyful flute and caribbean steel pan solo adding a sophistication to the piece. Useful track for fun vacation scenes, summer, beach

Description: Finger snapping, easy riding, sleek and smooth rock back track, the basic quartet: guitar, bass, electric piano and drum set. sounds like Blurred Lines has that motown sound but is middle of the road. great for voice overs, underscore, themes, production, music playing at a party, game show, videos

Description: A bright and happy track featuring tin whistle and guitar that marches along with in a peppy stride like happy surfing music with a tropical feel. Works well as a theme song, for background sounds, for advertising products geared to tween and teens, radio productions, tv instrumentals, talk overs.