Description: This eclectic sound is a mix of electronic and industrial styles over a strong, almost urban beat. Various uses of filters and slides give this sound an edge and the synth melody seems to pound out a signal in Morse code. Use this music to exhibit a moder.

Description: This vibrant and inspirational electro-pop tune pulsates with an infectious groove. The sound is innocent and content and unifying, recalling the happier days of childhood perhaps. The dynamic music also evokes a sense of motion, ideal for productions tha.

Description: This country tune is based on a nice guitar groove with an easy going fiddle melody on top of it all. The music evokes a sense of comfort and familiarity largely created by the descending notes in the fiddle. Use this tune in productions that stress the s.

Description: This bluesy toe-tapping tune has a tiny hint of Stevie Ray Vaughan in the guitars. The beat is square and energetic. The fiddle dances atop the guitars and the beat. Use this music in to evoke a sense of celebration, pride and enjoyment of life.

Description: This tune with a bit of twang is ideal for any production that calls for a traditional country sound. The beat is confident and energetic and plays below the fiddle as it belts out a lot of notes, sliding and slurring its way to the final cadence. If you'.

Description: This laidback tune has elements of hip hop and jazz marked largely by the beat. The ambient sounds in the background also add an ethereal element to the music. Use this in any production to evoke an image that is cool, collected, and in control.

Description: Bubbling synths and syncopated rhythms drive this tune with a disco-like beat. There are subtle ambient sounds that contrast nicely with its percussive components. Use this tune in productions that require a funky, somewhat off-the-wall sound.

Description: This lighthearted, quirky ditty has a nice hip hop groove. The eerie, strange melody gives it an ethereal feel while the vocals add perhaps a surreal element to it. Use this tune in productions that require a laidback yet groovy beat.

Description: Easy on the ears, this SoundSet speaks of imagination and aspiration. The sound is a mix of jazz and pop elements with a touch of electronica. The beat is vivacious yet laidback which makes it all ideal for corporate presentations.

Description: Built on a slow hip hop groove, this sound can evoke a sense of mystery in the background of any production. The congas add a bit of an ethnic flavor and the main, haunting melody sounds like it was produced by the first electronic instrument, the Theremi.