Description: Strong trance style synth lines, deep synth bass, lush chord pads, & strong driving drums / think Miami meets ATL

Description: 80's sounding clean keyboard riff, deep smooth bass guitar, rich chord pads, and banging drums / think Jam & Lewis work with Jermaine Dupri

Description: Crisp drums, smooth rhodes, lush bass, acoustic guitar mel, mute & wah guitar, & strings / think Babyface produces LL Cool J

Description: Panning chord pads, bright electric keys, sharp bell melody, wood sounding synth bass, banging drums / think Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis meet Pete Rock

Description: Strong drums, funky drum loop, trance keyboards, low sub bass, & acoustic guitar / think Usher

Description: A thick keyboard melody line, hard low end drums, crisp high end drums, nice smooth piano melody, and a round synth bass / think mainstream pop radio

Description: Hard Drums, strong layered synths, hooky melodies, and sub bass / Think Usher meets Timbaland

Description: Hard Drums, reverb perc, pretty keyboard lines, low warm bass, and smooth chord pads / think Mariah Carey meets Timbaland