Description: We are preparing to dive into the Sea of Love while the moon warns us of the shore.

Description: Great instrumnetal Dance tune with driving rhythm section and laid-back melodies. Easy-going summer feeling and relaxing mood. Funky guitar riffs combined with cool synthesizer sounds

Description: Emotional touching music.wA calm melancholic and touching music track, which is made in classical style with the use of a variety of classical, percussion instruments and electric instruments. Suitable for family, romantic videos, travel videos, corporate videos, nature videos, and inspirational projects. There are two options: the first one without percussion, the second with percussion and the party of accordionav

Description: Rock Guitar Piano Electric Strings Emotional Energetic Powerful

Description: Two Acoustic guitars .Track 5 From Krishna Acoustic album.

Description: Great ballad , lovely melody and pretty good arangement

Description: melancholic tune played by an acoustic guitar and some light keyboard sounds.

Description: Atmospheric and driving with synth textures, electric guitar and driving drum loops create a determined mood.