Description: This musical composition combines the retro style of the 80s with a modern approach to sound formation. Used emulations of old synthesizers with their characteristic sound in combination with the latest technologies for creating musical effects. The melody of the all music tracks is decorated with unexpected sounds that contribute to creating an interest in further listening to music.

Description: Happy and positive progressive house, with lotsa melodic synth progressions, pads glitched vocals and glittery chords, excellent for presentations, web, clubs, dance floors and listening.

Description: We are preparing to dive into the Sea of Love while the moon warns us of the shore.

Description: Great instrumnetal Dance tune with driving rhythm section and laid-back melodies. Easy-going summer feeling and relaxing mood. Funky guitar riffs combined with cool synthesizer sounds

Description: Emotional touching music.wA calm melancholic and touching music track, which is made in classical style with the use of a variety of classical, percussion instruments and electric instruments. Suitable for family, romantic videos, travel videos, corporate videos, nature videos, and inspirational projects. There are two options: the first one without percussion, the second with percussion and the party of accordionav

Description: Rock Guitar Piano Electric Strings Emotional Energetic Powerful

Description: Two Acoustic guitars .Track 5 From Krishna Acoustic album.

Description: Great ballad , lovely melody and pretty good arangement