Description: A happy little pop track with a very nice feel featuring a modern drum loop, acoustic guitars, electric piano and bells.

Description: A very cool pop track featuring piano and electric guitar. It has a great vibe and modern drum groove.

Description: Very bright and inspiring corporate acoustic pop-rock song featuring soaring acoustic guitars and elegant melody.Motivational from start till the end never slowing down for a second.

Description: Upbeat Happy Indie Pop Track. Cool and groovy corporate pop rock music, upbeat, uplifting and energetic, great for adverts and infomercials. Rocking guitars, funky pianos and groovy drums

Description: melodic, positive and bright dance track for broadcast radio backgrounds, videos, slideshows or presentations. Instruments features: dance drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, strings pads, bass

Description: Happy, bright and upbeat pop featuring piano, acoustic guitar, and modern synths & samplers, along with a full orchestra which gives a beautiful emotional depth. Very commercial, contemporary, romantic and moving, and will appeal to a wide demographic. 60 & 30 second edits are available

Description: Versatile track with guitar, synth arpeggios and cello. Perfect for slideshows, imagevideos and much more.

Description: Easy listening pop track - '70 vintage style. Relaxing, soft and inspiring.

Description: Sitting On A Cloud is an uplifting motivational song and it's about escaping from every day reality and absurdity and watching the world we live in from the outside, from above. The song has a pop-rock feel and is full of energy.

Description: A modern track featuring electric guitar and drum loops.