Description: This is a positive and uplifting corporate motivational track that features a confident piano melody and an upbeat rhythmic section. It's inspiring and beautiful while also emotionally fulfilling piece of music that is great for montage videos, projects requiring an inspirational feel, presentations that aim to motivate and corporate videos.

Description: Simple & beautiful instumental pop music. Drums, bass, guitars, mellotron percussion & synths. The simple its the best.

Description: Upbeat, uptempo pop/rock/teen song about a preteen/teenage girl who likes a boy in her school because he is who he is -- no pretense, no put ons, no false cool that many teenagers adopt in an attempt to boost their social status. The song is about rejecting and rebeling against all the pretenses of this age and all the school-related judgements that come with it. It's a driving track with a strong hook, strong harmonies and an electric guitar that rocks out in the chorus. It could easily be used as a theme song for any TV show geared to teens and preteens -- films with similar themes as well.

Description: Fits for many projects, documentary,corporative,movies,web.

Description: Spatial pop-rock music, inspirational music for corporate.

Description: A somber yet melancholy number with piano

Description: Happy, upbeat, Beatles-inspired tune about the life and times of a girl named Paris.

Description: A journey into a summery musical sensation that blends together the feeling of falling in love, with cool beaches, romantic landscapes and exotic cocktails. The combination of electric & acoustic guitars together with 80’s pop rhythms and electro ambience sounds, make this perfect for a commercial/project that has a summery vibe to it.

Description: a beautiful Euro-Caribbean song with an Enya type of vibe. Features Female Vocal, Hybrid Orchestral with electronic instruments. Would be great for a Disney Movie or TV show.