Description: Feels like someone who is starting down a new path or a new life, slowly but surely. There is a little trepidation and hesitation, but still a determination to change or move on to something different and new.Good for TV drama, serious ad, or film.

Description: This motivating and inspiring modern business music is a contemporary blend of cool meets successful. The hypnotic guitar melodies are complimented by a bright acoustic guitar, piano, bass, and lively drums. The music works great for a wide variety of applications including business, corporate, explainers, ads, and much much more.

Description: A wonderfully light and positive track featuring and upbeat groove , optimistic guitar and vocal melodies

Description: Flying high over mountains with lush greenery, on to the shores of a beautiful blue ocean. All of the world coming together. This track gives a feeling of beauty, peace romance and harmony. Features Piano, String Orchestra, and English Horn. Ideal track for travel film.

Description: Beautiful inspirational mellow acoustic pop song with organic instrumentation of acoustic guitars, banjo, slide guitars, giving it a light folk/country crossover pop feeling. Perfect background instrumental for travel documentaries, slide shows or nature product advertising, perfect blending with any voiceovers.

Description: Pop rock music in medium pace, driven by electric guitars, synths.

Description: Mid tempo, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Pop, urban, soulful, smooth, Contemporary, chill, Keep Your Head Up, uplifting, inspirational, love, in love, romance, travel, sad, prison, jail, fashion, style, Electric Pianos, String Sections, Guitars, bass, percussion, TV, Film, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: Floating through wide open spaces, rivers and canyons, big cities these dreamlike grooving acoustic guitar licks are driving force of composition . Interesting blend of country ,funk and,uplifting travel,