Description: Warm upbeat and happy friendly acoustic pop featuring piano, xylophone, marimba and orchestral percussion and strings. Sweet, innocent, childlike and broadly appealing, it will work in many types of commercial and corporate projects. Very friendly, uplifting and positive. 30 and 60 sec edits available. Instrumental Acoustic Pop.

Description: Great for video and documentaries, corporate branding, ad campaigns, data, Technology, business development, science documentary, website, TV show.

Description: This is a gentle and easy going commercial background music track that is pleasant, relaxed, and has a warm romantic nostalgic feel. There is a nice melodic strumming that has an agreeable sweet tone that imparts you in to a good feeling happy mood! It has acoustic ukulele (an antique 1930's Rickter tuned traditionally), grand piano, orchestral string section, bass guitar, and a quarter note maraca rhythm. Even though it's relaxed and laid back it's still has an upbeat and lively groove at 140 beats per minute.

Description: Emperor & Lady Jade Huang Di Yu Yu Fei Background Music. This is an instrumental oriental pop music. Music composed by Mellow Knightz for Indie Musician, Adeline Yeo for her background music track usage for her performance. This melody is kind of unusual, unique, Asian style of music. Music inspiration comes from Adeline and Mellow, both co-writers of this beautiful melody. Because music artist has given composer a song lyric to consider for the background music part. Composer managed to count the beats and come up with this interesting Asian music. It's suitable for Asian oriental style online business, commercials, television dramas and films.

Description: Uplifting Soft Rock is an uplifting, grand and larger then life indie track filled with positive tunes and good feeling all the way through! Great for marketing, advertising videos, slide show or youtube videos of all kinds and has a wide commercial appeal.

Description: A cool Pop/R&B cue great for any media.

Description: A somber yet melancholy number with piano

Description: Here is a spirited, fast paced, and very energetic ukulele track that is sure to get your feet moving! It has acoustic ukulele (an antique 1930s Richter), strumming acoustic guitar, driving electric bass guitar, grand piano, real maraca, and upbeat hand clapping. It's great for any energized excitement such as beach recreational sports, corporate, business, background, travel, tropical, fast motion, or any adventurous activity like surfing or waterskiing. 192 beats per minute.

Description: Lively rock ballad, builds around a piano riff, overlaid with gently distorted guitar.

Description: cool vibe with this funky beat and violin feels like youre driving along downtown Vegas to go to your favorite casino