Description: Hi Energy Feel Good Electronic Confident Fun

Description: Happy Upbeat Positive Full Mix

Description: Calm with reflective mandolin in the intro building to an inspirational mood at 1:32 with acoustic piano.

Description: Atmospheric and driving with synth textures, electric guitar and driving drum loops create a determined mood.

Description: Slow building, driving and pulsing with a light pop rock feel create a mood of optimism and determination.

Description: Light and reflective with smooth textures and introspective acoustic piano with a slight build at 1:20 create a sentimental mood.

Description: Happy and easy going acoustic guitar combo. Laid back. No worries.

Description: Bright and driving with strumming acoustic and electric guitar create a determined and optimistic mood.

Description: Slick and bouncy featuring a jazzy upright bass groove, horns and melodic electric guitar create a mysterious and suspenseful mood.