Description: Positive, Light Rock featuring a rhythmic guitar section. Great for sales promotions, conferences, infomercials, or Youth venues.

Description: This modern rock instrumental is hi energy with intense guitars, bass, and powerful drums. Awesome for dramatic soundtracks, action films and sports programs. Creates a dramatic and energizing atmosphere.

Description: A positive and uplifting pop/rock track with a feeling of hope. Great for corporate, radio and television production.

Description: Strumming guitars and a killer guitar hook underpin this uplifting and encouraging acoustic pop track. It's ideal to underscore scenes where positive thinking and a young and happy mood are desired.

Description: This is a bright and melodic soft pop-rock light rock track. Acoustic and electric guitars create an emotional, comforting, hopeful feeling in the listener. Great for young programming, commercials and visual media.

Description: Acoustic guitars and piano drive this positive and uplifting track – perfect for nature, relaxation or creating a positive mellow mood that builds into a moving chorus.

Description: Echoing guitars build into a classic intro and are then joined by a powerhouse rock band. Soaring and majestic lead guitar lines compliment the punchy and pulsing rhythm section. Perfect for corporate video, sports, and TV.

Description: Smooth folk pop song with nice fingerpicked acoustic guitars, melodical lead electric guitars, mandolin, bass, drums, handclaps and soft string pads. This tune brings you a nice summer feeling. Perfect for your home videos, presentations, websites or corporate projects.

Description: Easy going corporate track with an acoustic guitar intro and smooth pop/jazz guitar licks in the middle section. Suits perfect your videos, youtube videos and corporate projects.

Description: A fun and quirky upbeat track with a great groove driven by acoustic guitar. There is also a hint of reggae in the bridge section of the song. Great for any video or commercial that needs a positive and happy mood.