Description: Positive classic background pop track with electric guitars and violins parts .

Description: Midtempo electronic disco track. A bit distorted and raw but with a killer electronic bass disco groove. Nice synt theme and handclaps.

Description: A hardhitting rock track with good guitar melody and energetic vibe. Perfect for commercials and advertising. Good positive uptempo vibe with full on energy and a surprisingly funky breakdown.

Description: A light rock outfit with acoustic drums, real wurlitzer piano and guitars. Beautiful melodies and great positive vibe. Perfect for commercials, adverts and corporate presentations. Nice honest hooks and melodies. Exists in 4 different variants. No strings, no synthesizer, drums only and so forth.

Description: Nice and driving piano rock track inspired by Coldplay. Very uplifting and inspirational. Perfect for commercials or corporate presentations.

Description: A nice string theme on top of a fast hiphop beat and a pulsating arppegiator bass line. Fashion or documentory underscore.

Description: A smiling and happy guitar and ukulele track with handclaps and bells. A beautiful string theme rounds off this little positive pearl of a track. Perfect for commercials or corporate presentations. Very inspirational and motivating.

Description: Midtempo groovy synt bass theme. Nice melody and a dusty sound makes it good match for documentary underscore and activity scenes.

Description: Electronic Happiness is a cheerful and uplifting piece of music with keyboard, bass, synthesizer, glockenspiel and drums – happy, inspiring and motivating.

Description: A moving slow instrumental rock song with electric guitar and a great melody. Sounds like cruising on a highway by sunshine.