Description: Stylish and dreamy, featuring floating synthesizers create a glamorous and introspective mood.

Description: This business music is a cool mix of light rock and pop. The plucky and pulsing guitar melody is highlighted with harmonic guitar, punchy bass, and drums. This music works great for a wide variety of projects including business, technology, explainers, ads and more.

Description: This smooth business music combines style with sophistication. The smooth melodies are complimented with a plucky synth, spacious pads, punchy bass and drums. This innovative music works great for a wide variety of apps including explainers, ads, television, tech and much more.

Description: Soft, serene, calming, motivating track. Acoustic guitar harmonics, transparent pads, unobtrusive groove, synthesizer drops and violin music themes - all this creates the necessary mood of confidence, peace and tranquility. Perfect for: tv, commercials,background, corporate projects, radio, sound illustrations, presentations, promotions, youtube videos, films, party promos, pictures of scenes of nature.

Description: Transparent, clean and atmospheric corporate track. Muted guitars, inspired guitar solos and themes, soft bass, light pads and percussion. Mood and atmosphere of joy, harmony and unity with the whole world Perfect for corporate presentations, sound illustration, soundtrack for the film or flash video.

Description: Guitar instrumental composition, positive, light, melodic. I dedicated it to his mother's recovery.

Description: Instrumental composition, there are keyboards, bass, drums and guitar carries the main melody. Rhythm was built in 6/8. The nature of the composition romantic, positive.

Description: Guitar instrumental composition with elements of funk. The mobile, fast, positive.

Description: Bright room, good thoughts, beautiful guitar riffs, positive instrumental composition.

Description: Positive instrumental composition with a guitar melody. Good mood.