Description: Indian rhythms and positive melody. Acoustic and electric guitars.

Description: A very pop rock oriented song that has a very big chorus reminiscent of paramore.

Description: Pop rock song that is bass guitar oriented.

Description: Relate To This is a pop punk song that resembles late 2000's.

Description: This is a take on some soul type electronic music with keys and fun melodic instruments.

Description: Punch Drunk Love is a piano pop rock song that has some slide guitar elements in it to give it a twist.

Description: This song is a hard hitting pop rock song that resembles the paramore era of rock.

Description: Magic Lady is a pop funk song that focuses on a solid drum beat, clean guitars, and funky bass lines with synth elements.

Description: In Passing is a upbeat pop rock song that has some tycho elements of guitars but some hard hitting drums and unique twist for a chorus.

Description: Get Out is a pop rock song that has a killer chorus and bridge.