Description: Love and passionate track with strings, piano, drum, bass and sound effect.

Description: Quirky sunshine pop instrumental with Commercial Advertising implications. Positive Happy and full of life this cheerful piece has a feel good groove sparked by electric piano and bass accompanied by a simple drum pattern. Retail Department In-Store, Television and Internet Advertising. Instrumental, Pop, Sunshine Pop

Description: Medium tempo Pop Classical arrangement featuring Classical Flute lead in a 6 piece ensemble. Add a beautiful Trumpet solo, Plucked and Bowed Strings along with Percussion that completes a very versatile and clean production. Dramatic, Romantic Corporate Spa and Relaxation Retail Instore, Education, Instrumental, Pop, Chamber Pop

Description: Uplifting Motivation is a motivational, cheerful and happy piece of music with drums, reggaeton beat, percussion, keyboard, violins, synthesizer and piano - inspiring, motivating and upbeat.