Description: A strong uplifting guitar melody over a repeating solid tomtom groove, synth sequencing patterns and a lively background of acoustic and electric guitars. This track in the style of british rock / pop bands like U2 or Coldplay will raise the spirits of your listeners with its strong positive energy.

Description: A strong acoustic guitar ryhthm over a tight modern hip hop like drumbeat creates the interesting contrast that is the basis of this uplifting motivational tune. The second part features a joyful guitar melody, that later is repeated with harmonies, underlining the easy going character of the track. This modern optimistic tune is a perfect background for any project or presentation that needs an all through positive atmosphere with a unique character.

Description: A bright and triumphant opener in the style of a pop hymn for a great variety of usage. The open and wide guitar spaces along with a solid steady rock/pop groove provide a very optimistic and confident atmosphere. The tune reflects self-confidence and success as well as victory and achievement.

Description: A bright, uplifting guitar melody over a repeating solid tomtom groove and synth sequencing patterns, alternating with a powerful and majestic piano theme. The track has a strong energy and is intended to raise the spirits of your listeners. Ideal as a background for presenting your business, a new product, a new campaign or your company in general, whenever a distinct musical touch of confidence and excitement is required.