Description: Luscious, lovely & powerful slow beat tight soft pop rock track ballad featuring a strong female vocal performance, big electric guitar solo, a sweet synth pads, & a rock solid rhythm section. A moving on love song usable musical number for radio play, film or tv scenes & a variety media productions, Female Vocals, Pop, Pop Ballad

Description: A bold, lovely, & powerful upbeat tight pop rock track featuring strong female vocals, smooth electric guitar phrases, a sweet synth melody, & a solid rhythm section. Fresh, inspiring "moving on" love song usable for radio play, film or tv scenes & video media productions, background for slideshow. Female Vocals, Rock, Pop Rock

Description: A romantic, relaxed & dreamy sweet soft pop track that flows pleasantly along. Features a strong male voice and soaring emotional female vocals, brilliant synth solo and a solid rhythm section of keyboard, bass, and drums. Well suited for wide ranging uses including: tv, radio, video, in store, ads. Mixed Vocals, Pop, Soft Pop

Description: An emotional, heartfelt pop rock track featuring a mix of female vocals with a retro west coast sound. Solid classic rocking back up band, carried by the piano and a smooth funky drum groove. The strong bass and guitar performances fill out the track. Radio ready and usable for a variety of projects

Description: A romantic and relaxed passion pop piece that keeps pleasantly floating along. Features soaring emotional female vocals, brilliant solo and backing electric guitars, thick flowing bass and subtle synths. Well suited for wide ranging uses including: tv, radio, video, soothing, on hold and credits, Female Vocals, Pop, Soft Pop

Description: A lovely, airy, idealistic and positive ambient pop track featuring a strong and emotional male voice, a brilliant alto sax solo, smooth synth sounds, flowing bass and drums that bring the beat back in. Suitable for wide ranging uses including finance, insurance, lifestyle tv, film, radio and video.

Description: An upbeat, positive, motivational sunny track featuring solid, grooving guitars, optimistic vocals, a contemporary, modern pop beat. Perfect for commercials, corporate, advertisements, presentations, business projects, radio, innocent playtime feelings and anything that needs an uplifting ambience.

Description: A powerful, radio ready, pop track featuring a soulful, heart felt female vocal performance. Inspiring coming of age, getting smarter, learning from your mistakes motivational track. Big electric guitar solo and a wash of cool synth sounds with a solid build up into the rocking hook. For all media. Female Vocals, Pop, Teen Pop

Description: Airy, clean, idealistic and positive corporate style pop track made with radio, TV & web commercials/promos in mind. Clear & joyful group vocals with a world harmony feel, solid yet soft percussion, strong synth bass, delightful lead electric guitar punctuate with a motivational ambience

Description: A happy pop rock track featuring two retro sounding electric guitars, a solid drum beat, strong thick bottom and a quirky synth. Bright and amusing theme type track for backgrounds, ambient corporate, presentations, advertising, video projects, tv, radio, film, Music on Hold. Instrumental, Pop, Pop Groove