Description: Elements of jazz and pop that present a cold and icy feel.

Description: A slow gallop of melancholy melody using tremolo guitar and Vangelis-esque synth.

Description: Sounds like sophistication and good times. Features percussion, percussive bell sounds and stylish horns.

Description: This track moves and builds from its simple beginning, adding hammered dulcimer and electric guitar to the acoustic and fretless bass. There is a melancholy lilt to the music.

Description: Simple drums keep a steady rhythm for the acoustic guitar, electric guitar and fretless bass. Wonderful, smooth, melodic action.

Description: Midtempo and very relaxing. This track builds and creates melodic textures, but remains simple and unimposing in its delivery.

Description: Uses cello, clean electric guitar, acoustic guitar and sparse percussion to create this lovely and moving instrumental.

Description: Uses violin, cello, sidestick snare, clean electric guitar, fretless bass and acoustic rhythm guitar to create this multi-textured and very melodic folk rock instrumental.

Description: Sounds folk-country, but very mainstream. Cool melodic elements, very pretty.

Description: A building track that starts very simple and becomes big and expansive without becoming busy. Very melody driven and acoustic friendly underscore.