Description: Energetic and powerful pop song in classic timeless orchestration with a brass section, electric guitars, piano and a strong clappy upbeat bass and drumgroove. This is the rhythm of many succesful pop hits to dance along or clap along, and it will inject your project with an unstoppable positive energy. Perfect background for any project or presentation that needs a powerful positive and happy atmosphere.

Description: Beautiful inspirational mellow acoustic pop song with organic instrumentation of acoustic guitars, banjo, slide guitars, giving it a light folk/country crossover pop feeling. Perfect background instrumental for travel documentaries, slide shows or nature product advertising, perfect blending with any voiceovers.

Description: Energetic atmospheric pop rock track with a delay guitar theme, piano and lush synth textures over a powerful bassline and a steady backbeat. Ideal background music for action sports videos, tech presentations or any advertising that needs a modern passionate atmosphere.

Description: Uplifting energetic "wall of sound" instrumental with all the ingredients of an epic modern rock track: a majestic piano and delay guitars over powerful and energetic drums and lush synth textures.. This track in the style of british rock / pop bands like U2, Coldplay and Muse has a strong positive energy to raise the spirits of your listeners and is suitable for action sport events, big show announcements or spectacular product presentations etc.