Description: Corporate Folk Pop is easy driving acoustic background music with a positive forward thinking and a bright everyday atmosphere. Warm optimistic simple background music with inspiring folk electric guitar, piano bass and drums in medium tempo. " Corporate Folk Pop" suites inspirational projects involving friendly emotional relationships, people happy together, big views in a beautiful open landscape, a nice evening in a summer night, romantic sweet memories, vlog, blog, website, holiday video, laid-back presentation, commercial advertise, rural country promotion, drama, strolling, travel, youthful love, romantic longing, slideshow, travel, youtube video film etc. Moving heart warming flowing background music. Uncomplicated soft hopeful background music!

Description: Inspiring Pop is a fast corporate uplifting positive background music with modern upbeat guitar. Cool hopeful motivational presence. commercial advertisement, video presentation, motivational team building, marketing, youtube advertise Optimistic inspirational easy listening pop music with a motivating emotional driving feeling.

Description: Uplifting piano loopable is inspirational piano music. Inspirational uplifting piano from "Uplifting moment" Background music for different settings. Promo, slide show, commercial, business corporate etc. It's emotional positive motivational background music. Guitar, bass and drums. Nice and groovy. Loppable Advertisement, Hope, achievement, acoustic, assured, background, bright, business, cinematic, confident, corporate, dreamy, driving, easy, elegant, emotional, expectation, heroic, hopeful, inspirational, inspiring, light, looping, motion, motivating, motivational, optimistic, piano, pop, positive, presentation, promotional, slow, successful, tv, uplifting, victory, video, seamless looping, medium tempo

Description: Good to see ya instrumental is easy positive pop. Pop track in style of Jason Mraz I'm yours. Soulful with a positive cool vibe. Upbeat groovy and contemporary. A happy melody you'll be humming all day long. Awesome, bright, happy, relaxed, pop peaceful, Longing, Reflective, Emotional, pop Nostalgic, relaxing, tender, warm, Background, pop beautiful, romantic, sensual, calming, sincere, easy, elegant, inspirational, motivating, Tender, cool, Vibrant, Sweet, Hopeful, positive, inspiring, motivational, moving, Appealing, laidback, pop heart, romance, soundtrack, underscore, pop, jason mraz, advertisement, corporate, commercials, presentation, top40, radio, hit, promotion

Description: Upbeat Acoustic Folk Pop is modern folk pop in medium tempo with piano, acoustic guitar, organ, bass and drums. Positive catchy bright background music in style of Amy Macdonald. Made for positive bright video presentation, vlog, blog and other bright optimistic projects etc. Beautiful background for bright confident film video. acoustic, acoustic guitar, background, beautiful, bright, building, commercial, confident, corporate, driving, energetic, folk, fresh, guitar, happy, inspirational, inspiring, light, motivational, optimistic, piano, pleasant, pop, positive, presentation, rhythmic, team building, teamwork, triumphant, upbeat, uplifting, video, warm, achievement, cool, groovy, relaxed, soft, smooth, wholesome, amy macdonald

Description: Bright happy sunny feeling no 1 is Uplifting inspirational optimistic easy pop music. Background, Promo, slide show, commercial, business corporate etc. It's emotional positive with a happy driving guitar and piano. Motivational background music, medium fast tempo. Guitar, bass and drums. Relaxed, free and easy. background, bells, bouncy, bright, business, cartoon, catchy, cheerful, cheerful/happy, easy, emotional, energy, every day, feeling, free, fun, groove, happy, inspiring, joyful, kids, lively, melodic, motivational, piano, positive, presentation, relaxed, smile, travel, ukulele, upbeat, uplifting, vibrant, wholesome, youthful, 60s, 21st century, optimistic, groovy, playful, children, guitar, sunny, medium tempo

Description: Friendly happy emotion. Uplifting singer & songwriter music with acoustic guitar, piano, bass, strings and drums in medium tempo. Emotional upbeat simple catchy pop music with a neat happy positive feeling. ” Friendly Happy Moment” suites projects involving friendly emotional relationships, happy people together, beautiful big views in open landscape, nice happy sailing on open sea, summer memories, vlog, blog, website, holiday videos, sweet presentation, uplifting commercial, cute advertise, happy promotion, romantic youthful drama intro etc. Warm emotional happy background music. simple, acoustic, ad, emotional, acoustic guitar, optimistic, advertise, friendly, background music, beautiful, blog, catchy, cute, drama, dreamy, easy, emotion, everyday, feeling, flowing, guitar, happy, holiday, hopeful, inspiring, intro, laid back, longing, neat, nice, music, piano,positive, pop, wholesome, presentation, promotion, romantic, relationships, strings, summer, moment, sweet, together, upbeat, uplifting, warm, youthful, medium tempo

Description: Inspirational uplifting catchy feeling good guitar pop music with electric guitars, strings, bass and drums in fast tempo. The track starts with uplifting inspiring guitars. At about 0:55 the chorus set the inspirational powerful feeling of success. Inspiring uplifting fast guitar pop made for use as inspiring moment of a successful journey, motivational corporate background music, advertising music, powerful presentation, motivational slide show, uplifting commercial promo, motivated business, corporate promotional video, etc. uplifting cool, indie pop rock advertise, fast, background, uplifting bright, indie pop rock business, catchy, uplifting indie pop rock confidence, success, uplifting confident, indie pop rock corporate, dancing, driving, driving guitars, uplifting electric guitars, emotion, energetic, feeling, free, groovy, guitar, uplifting guitar pop, happy, indie pop rock hopeful, inspirational, indie pop rock uplifting inspirational background,uplifting inspirational pop, inspiring, indie pop rock joyful,hope, motivational, optimistic, indie pop rock playful, pop, uplifting popular, positive, indie pop rock powerful, proud, sports, successful, indie pop rock upbeat, uplifting, winning, fast tempo

Description: Motivational sad background pop rock music, with driving guitars. Creates a cool feeling with dynamic changes. Powerful in a sensitive fateful way. A bit of grunge too. motivational, sad, background, pop, rock, music, driving, guitars, cool, feeling, powerful, sensitive, fateful, grunge, drums, soothing, melancholic, mournful, mellow, medium tempo

Description: Cinematic reflective laid-back pop ballad. Great as underscore or soundtrack. dreamy warm beautiful soundtrack sensual sentimental, smooth mellow emotional passionate calm sad romantic calming reflective love peaceful motivational sincere slow motion background. dreamy, warm, beautiful, soundtrack, sensual, sentimental, smooth, mellow, underscore, emotional, passionate, calm, sad, romantic, calming, reflective, love, peaceful, motivational, sincere, slow, motion, background, pop, ballad, cool, video, promo, romance,plain,easy