Description: With an eclectic mix of electronica, pop and jazz, this dynamic tune epitomizes motion and energy. The underlying infectious beat supports the syncopated organ and filtered synth sounds. Productions depicting motion such as sports or any activity where sy.

Description: This SoundSet begins with a nice ambient mood, mixing pop and electronica elements. The organ sound carves out a melody above the beat which is heavy on the bass. Use this tune in any production where the music should remain in the background and contribu.

Description: Youthful and energetic, this tune appeals to a younger audience with its modern contrasting pop elements. Use it in productions involving culture, current trends and image.

Description: A blend of a sensual piano melody, an attractive beat and an eerie organ creates an introspective atmosphere. The music goes very well with film or video, where a story unfolds. The piano exudes a sense of loftiness and calm.

Description: A laid back, self-assured walking rhythm characterizes this tune. The organ part gives it a modern feel when combined with the treated synths. Productions involving lighting effects, stop-and-go animation would work quite well with this piece.

Description: An easy rhythm over a light melody… This provocative SoundSet sets a casual mood marked largely by the electric piano. Use it in productions that use slow motion or extreme contrasts in color to tell a story of seduction.

Description: Perfect for corporate presentations, this content tune is dominated by the piano and horns. All instruments take turn in playing equally important roles in the composition. The music also has a slight hint of Latin sound, giving it an international feel.

Description: This cool tune is an eclectic mix of urban and hip hop elements with a bit of reggae and jazz. Also you can almost hear rap lyrics above the beat. This sound can be associated with style and can be used in any production that uses synchronicity of images.

Description: This strange, moody sound is a mix of pop, rock and ambient elements. There are pads and ambient sounds wafting atop a beat that is reminiscent of old Prince songs. Add some filters and the sound has an almost mystical tone to it. Use it in productions th.

Description: This affirming tune sets a mood of satisfaction and completion with a slight hint of melancholy (created by the minor interval at the end of the piano line). Due to its far-reaching and wide range, this sound is perfect for corporate presentations.