Description: This piece has two rhythms running together, a very fast composite rhythm and a much slower one carried by the Pad and Piano components. Presentations that need an energetic sound with a care-free attitude would work well with this piece.

Description: Nice string sounds with a soft piano melody over a laid-back beat will put your audience at ease. There are two drum parts to this tune; the second accents the beat quite a bit. Use this sound in presentations that take your audiences on a trip to the pas.

Description: This cool tune is an eclectic mix of urban and hip hop elements with a bit of reggae and jazz. Also you can almost hear rap lyrics above the beat. This sound can be associated with style and can be used in any production that uses synchronicity of images.

Description: This laidback tune has elements of hip hop and jazz marked largely by the beat. The ambient sounds in the background also add an ethereal element to the music. Use this in any production to evoke an image that is cool, collected, and in control.

Description: Easy on the ears, this SoundSet speaks of imagination and aspiration. The sound is a mix of jazz and pop elements with a touch of electronica. The beat is vivacious yet laidback which makes it all ideal for corporate presentations.

Description: Built on a slow hip hop groove, this sound can evoke a sense of mystery in the background of any production. The congas add a bit of an ethnic flavor and the main, haunting melody sounds like it was produced by the first electronic instrument, the Theremi.

Description: A sensual rhythm underlies this music. Ethereal elements are layered on top of a mesmerizing hip hop groove to create an eclectic sound that taps into a wide range of production needs. Overall, the music tells a story.

Description: A meld of funk, hip hop and electronica... This track has an infectious beat and a thick texture of sound. The constant swirl of synths in the background adds a little spice to the music and gives it an edgy sound for the hippest of productions.

Description: This sound creates a laid back atmosphere and contains some elements of jazz and funk. Presentations that deal with ideas, services or image, more so than products, may benefit from this piece.