Description: The beat of this piece gives it its pop element. It creates a bit of a dark atmosphere. The bass and drums drive it forward. Presentations that wish to add an element of mystery would benefit from this sound.

Description: This piece has a steady, unobtrusive beat making it ideal for cutting-edge corporate presentations. The Scratch component gives it a hip-hop flavor. This piece can be used in almost any presentation that requires the music to complement the visuals withou.

Description: There are several dimensions to this tune with its pop, electronic and classical elements. The primal beat grounds the music while the classical strings drive it forward through a slew of sixteenth notes. This sound may be ideal for productions that conta.

Description: The Evibes element has a cool echo effect that gives this piece spaciousness. The music tells a story. The piano represents a solo individual perhaps on a journey. The piece quiets down to just the bass and drums making it a good candidate for background.

Description: This is an upbeat and playful and simple tune that may work well with light presentations that represent the positive or possibly humorous experiences in life. The main melody represents a circle; therefore any presentations with cyclical themes would wor.

Description: Listening to this piece inspires the audience to tap their feet and get up and dance. It is definitely targeted at a younger audience and should be used with presentations or products that are related to image (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc).

Description: This piece tells a story. The rhythm is smooth and hip and the Synth component has a flavor of The Cars from the 80s decade. Presentations with special graphical effects and contrast work well with this piece.

Description: This piece takes one back to the Disco years. The beat is sensual and flowing. Presentations that need some retro sounds or that need to add a fun, carefree element would work well with this piece.

Description: This SoundSet has a nice dance rhythm with a sustained string note at the top. The sound is carefree and modern. Presentations with flashing images and contrasting colors and light effects would work well with this tune.

Description: This tune goes well with non-serious presentations that wish to portray fun and youth. The organ component provides a hint of funk and jazz. The music would lend itself to humorous, clever, or even sophisticated situations or themes.

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