Description: An inspirational, motivational tune that portrays excellence and refinement and a bit of fun. I picture this song in a car commercial but it can fit many situations.

Description: Dance party song, with cool synth leads and a bouncy, house beat. Makes you want to dance.

Description: cool groove, pop, synth pad, dance club, funky, bass, happy, fun fresh electronic filtered kick & pad intro, electric funky guitar house, party.

Description: Upbeat modern Pop track with quirky, catchy synths and solid drum/bass groove. Carefree, fun and free atmosphere.

Description: Summer Adventure is a feel-good song inspired by the arrival of the summer sun. The fun melodies and happy vocals give a feeling of a fresh start with the sun shining on a hot summer’s day. Ideal for adverts or a short video montage, Summer Adventure makes the perfect accompaniment to scenes with joyous content, such as active children playing/exploring, a couple in love smiling and having fun, or a group of happy friends travelling to a music festival.

Description: Perfect for a modern, youthful production, this track is a meld of urban pop and jazz. The music oscillates between upbeat sections and more relaxed and quiet passages. The entire tune is composed from a variety of different rhythms and melodies in the ba.

Description: acoustic guitars combined with electronic drums & synths.

Description: positive mood,gentle rhythm guitars and ambient pads.

Description: upbeat catchy pop style theme.

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