Description: calm, inspiring, beautiful, laid back, acoustic pop.

Description: seal style 30 second ad track.

Description: An Uplifting, Euphoric, up-tempo pop rock instrumental, in the style of U2 / The Temper Trap

Description: melodic pop rock guitar tune with strings.

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Piano, Comedy, Comedy-Light Hearted, Light, Bright, Carefree, Fun, in a Fun mood, featuring Piano, Acoustic, Bass, Drums, with a Mid tempo

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Piano, Jazz-Swing, Laid Back, Mellow, Cheery, Struttin, Happy, in a Positive mood, featuring Piano, Bass, with a Mid tempo

Description: Corporate, Corp-Industrial, Uplifting, Driving, Technological, Hi Energy, Adventure, Aggressive, Feel Good, Happy, Anticipation, Building, in a Adventurous, Positive, Confident, Energetic mood, featuring Synth, Guitar, Electric, with a Fast tempo

Description: pop, modern, heavy beat, backbeat, uptempo, lady gaga, katy perry, rihanna, sound a like, synth driven,

Description: Alternate version of 700103, repeating loop goes into conclusion.

Description: electro drums based around a geiss drum machine with bass line and 303 synth part, minor third modulation and end roll.