Description: This one is cheerful, fervent and powerful indie/punk/ska musical theme. Memorable guitar riffs, walking bass, powerful rhythm section and catchy guitar solo - the atmosphere of a party, youth, slam, sport and indomitable energy. Great for film production, TV production, radio show, advertising, all kinds of sports, extreme and GoPro videos. Suitable as background, soundtrack or sound illustration.

Description: A lively and carefree track, made of guitars, piano, drums, bass, pizzicato strings and vibraphone providing a breezy and hopeful vibe to your inspiring and positive projects.

Description: Happy pop track with inspiring uplifting melody. Created with drums, synths, piano and guitars, it has positive mood and beautiful melody. The tune can be used for a business presentation, tv or radio program, commercial or vlog. Also great as a background for the soccer show or a program on 2018 FIFA World Football Cup in Russia. Fox example when showing the latest information about score or other championship news. Soft positive piece for your needs.

Description: This is a happy and uplifting acoustic indie pop music, full of fun and energy. great for optimistic and positive scenes, joyful and cheerful moods, holiday and vacation background, island and sunny beach background, summer and party happy music and much more.

Description: A simple and clean corporate track, with pop drums and bass, easy guitars and ukulele and bright keyboards and pizzicato strings.

Description: A Guitar House 2 track with nice beats. It’s great for film, websites, radio, etc.. Thank you for purchase! Don’t forget to rate it!

Description: This is Guitar House 1 track. Perfect for any of your videos.

Description: Time to love music about love, beautiful melody, mood romantic, sentimental, used synthesizers, electronic instruments, music for your inspiration and new creative ideas, and projects

Description: A fun funky Asian style melody marimba lead, panning ambient pads, deep electro and dubstep synth bass, and hard driving modern EDM-Pop drum programming / Think mainstream EDM-Dubstep-Pop beat in the vein of Diplo or Zedd

Description: Cheerful, atmospheric, catchy, optimistic indie pop rock track. Funny guitar riffs, dance, inspired solo, hilarious, playful rhythm section and atmosphere of a holiday, jokes, laughter, fun and joy. Suitable for the soundtrack, sound illustration or background music to your presentation. Great for film production, TV production, radio show, advertising, all kinds of sports, party promos, vacation video and GoPro videos.

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