Description: Listening to this SoundSet inspires you to achieve your personal best. Envision a record-setting athletic performance, a technological breakthrough, or a spiritual renewal. It is seriously uplifting and a good match for visual productions highlighting a m.

Description: This is an ambient sound with a meditative rhythm. The pace is laid back yet not lagging. Use this sound in the background of presentations to focus the viewers on a particular idea or image, to draw them in.

Description: This traditional pop tune has elements of dance music and mainstream pop sounds. Presentations that contain themes from pop culture would work well with this tune. It is somewhat light and carefree.

Description: Filtered synths and popping bass lines abound in this energetic tune. There are plenty of elements contained in this SoundSet to create a hip mix. This tune is ideal for web presentations because of the compact file size of the elements.

Description: There is something unique and distinctive about this track that is not readily apparent but it has something to do with the quality of the drums and the light timbres used. The track gives off a sense of pleasure and relaxation and yet has a slight elemen.

Description: An easy rhythm over a light melody… This provocative SoundSet sets a casual mood marked largely by the electric piano. Use it in productions that use slow motion or extreme contrasts in color to tell a story of seduction.

Description: This piece opens up with the dreamy Choir component. The drums and bass provide a sensual rhythm making this piece ideal for presentations involving products or services associated with image. Slow moving images or animation, possibly in contrasting color.

Description: The music in this piece tells a story and creates tension. The descending Strings component creates a mysterious and solemn atmosphere. The Filter component gives this piece forward motion. Use this piece in presentations where mystery, luxury, contrast a.

Description: This piece combines some funk elements with a moody piano theme. The Slide component gives it a laid back, whimsical feel. The piece would work well with presentations involving a bit of humor, sensuality, teasing and luxurious products.

Description: This piece harkens back a bit to the 80s decade when synthesizers were big and music was fun but not necessarily meaningful. The dancing bass line gives the piece energy making it ideal for almost any non-serious or fun presentation. The Strings component.

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