Description: The beat of this piece gives it its pop element. It creates a bit of a dark atmosphere. The bass and drums drive it forward. Presentations that wish to add an element of mystery would benefit from this sound.

Description: A sense of satisfaction and proper ending is reflected in this jazzy piece. The sound is modern, laidback and comfortable making it ideal for any corporate production that needs to stay hip and up to date and yet corporate and somewhat conservative. Lots.

Description: Stark contrast between two drumsets (the two drum components) characterize this piece. The beat is strong and would be perfect for any presentation that requires a strong backdrop for the sound. It is hip and full of motion.

Description: Slinky and happy, this sound is ideal for a hip and young-minded presentation. A syncopated effect is created with the stabs. The brassy sounding lead also adds an element of funk to the overall sound.

Description: This SoundSet begins with a nice ambient mood, mixing pop and electronica elements. The organ sound carves out a melody above the beat which is heavy on the bass. Use this tune in any production where the music should remain in the background and contribu.

Description: When listening to this piece, one gets a sense of a grand adventure ahead, as if looking over a lighted city from an airplane about to land. The strings are the orchestral element that help to create this atmosphere. Presentations aiming to inspire and gi.

Description: This piece would work well with dramatic themes such as a soap opera set in a hospital or law firm. The music creates anticipation and hints at a bit of mischievousness. Presentations involving elegant or luxurious products or services directed at wealthi.

Description: The Evibes element has a cool echo effect that gives this piece spaciousness. The music tells a story. The piano represents a solo individual perhaps on a journey. The piece quiets down to just the bass and drums making it a good candidate for background.

Description: This is an upbeat and playful and simple tune that may work well with light presentations that represent the positive or possibly humorous experiences in life. The main melody represents a circle; therefore any presentations with cyclical themes would wor.

Description: The drums in this piece are super rich and give it a laid back feeling. Use it with presentations that target a young crowd that are into hip-hop or funk music. The piece can be used as background music in presentations that aim to sell clothing lines or.

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