Description: This piece tells a story. The rhythm is smooth and hip and the Synth component has a flavor of The Cars from the 80s decade. Presentations with special graphical effects and contrast work well with this piece.

Description: This piece has a strong rhythm, making it ideal for graphically-rich presentations. The Synth component may work well with images that zoom in and out quickly and repetitiously. The hip sound is targeted for a younger audience and would work well with a r.

Description: This piece combines some funk elements with a moody piano theme. The Slide component gives it a laid back, whimsical feel. The piece would work well with presentations involving a bit of humor, sensuality, teasing and luxurious products.

Description: This piece harkens back a bit to the 80s decade when synthesizers were big and music was fun but not necessarily meaningful. The dancing bass line gives the piece energy making it ideal for almost any non-serious or fun presentation. The Strings component.

Description: Perfect for fast moving and energetic presentations, this piece derives its energy from the Synth component. Corporate presentations and sites would work well with this sound.

Description: This sound creates a laid back atmosphere and contains some elements of jazz and funk. Presentations that deal with ideas, services or image, more so than products, may benefit from this piece.

Description: This sound contains elements of funk and make it ideal for corporate presentations involving sales, marketing or planning. The piece creates a positive atmosphere and a sense of forward motion.

Description: This cool and hip sound creates a laid back atmosphere and contains some elements of jazz and funk. Images of city streets with black and white contrasts come to mind. Presentations involving moderately slow animation with effects (such as a freeze-frame).

Description: This piece has a steady, unobtrusive beat making it ideal for cutting-edge corporate presentations. The Scratch component gives it a hip-hop flavor. This piece can be used in almost any presentation that requires the music to complement the visuals withou.

Description: This piece should be used in presentations that require a funky, laid-back sound. The Synthbass and Hisynth components give this piece its funky character. Presentations that don't rely on too much energy or serious material would work well with this piec.