Description: Laidback with a swing feel in the style of 1950's Rock-n-Roll with Blues elements create an optimistic and happy mood.

Description: Light and warm featuring acoustic guitar and piano creating an optimistic and bright mood, depicting an infomercial scene.

Description: Laidback with a twangy guitar and Rockabilly swing feel creates a happy and satisfied mood.

Description: Smooth and flowing with an optimistic and positive feel creating a motivational and inspirational underscore.

Description: Laidback and romantic in the style of 1950's Rock-n-Roll ballads create a warm and sentimental mood.

Description: Upbeat and driving with an optimistic feel, electric guitar and drums create a motivational and reflective mood.

Description: Subtle build with pulsing strings and electronic textures in the pop rock style create a happy and playful mood.

Description: Upbeat and bouncy in the style of 1950's Rock-n-Roll with a rhythmic Boogie Woogie piano line and Bluesy electric guitar create a party mood.

Description: Reflective, gentle with earthy acoustic guitar and acoustic piano creates a sentimental and comforting mood that depicts a scene of being home.

Description: Bouncy and lively in the style of 1950's Rock-n-Roll with Blues elements depicts a scene of celebration.

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