Description: Slow tempo pop. Acoustic song consisting entirely of a mic’d Guitar and subtle electric guitar arrangements. Great background for any inspirational, motivational scenes.

Description: An inspiring yet melancholic and romantic slow-tempo instrumental. Harmonic arrangement of acoustic and electric guitars. Beautiful background for a variety of projects.

Description: Moderate tempo Pop song with a strong beat and acoustic guitars. Arranged with subtle electric guitar effects and background voices in the chorus.

Description: Mid-tempo contemporary pop rock song. Soft and soothing acoustic guitar with drum loop intro, builds up steadily to an emotional finale with electric delay guitars and real drums. Perfect for TV commercials emphasizing on serenity, peacefulness, closeness to nature and sustainability. Excellent background and great for modern corporate companies.

Description: An instrumental track that would be great for a dance sequence as well as in sequence where the characters drive off leaving the scene behind them.

Description: A great loop song to replace the audio of the scene in which the characters are discussing, screaming, talking but one cannot hear their words. Would work well for a distant shot in a sports scene, i.e. following an extreme skier on a steep slope.

Description: Upbeat yet melancholic and delicate with warm acoustic guitars and harmonic electric instrumentation giving you that “The Cure”-feel. Emotional lyrics express the sadness after the death of a good friend. Works well for mourning scenes, that moment after losing a loved one or to express a life change, regret and loneliness.

Description: Moderate Tempo Funk Pop with mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation. The acoustic guitar is played in a unique funky way and the electric guitar provides the Wah Wah sensation.