Description: A romantic, tender and bright composition with piano as the main instrument which surprises with its amazing solos. There are also pleasant strings and background pads, guitar strokes, smooth synths and soft synth drums. The mood of the track is easy and kind, inspiring to good feelings and thoughts, it helps to realize that the World is amazing and everyone has to hold it dear. The music charges with kindness for a long time.

Description: A bright, emotional, melodrama track with leading piano which together with sharp romantic violins and mellow pleasant guitars call images of the beautiful path of love: from the first glance at each other or first talk to wedding and love til last breath. It's about love which never ends and makes life happy and joyful. It's a beautiful love story, which inspires a lot. A relaxing and positive energy of the track is always eager to improve mood of a listener.

Description: A tender melodrama track with piano as the lead instrument, extremely bright and moving. There are also pleasant violins and strings, both sharp and bright and soft, plangent and sensitive . They depict images of deep love, which never ends or weakens and goes through all life til last breath. The music expresses loving relations with someone, whether it's a beloved one, parents, relatives, good friends, those who make our life bright and happy, who cares about us and always eager to help.

Description: Extremely bright and happy composition. There is piano as the main instrument with striking emotinal playing. Extremely bright, emotional, sharp violins igniting the soul and feelings, pleasant mellow guitars and original, varied bass and drum patterns. It's like a total success and happiness, when you get all he've been dreaming and striving for, all things go as you wish, when it seems that it's the best that can be in life of a human, your dreams have come true and you full with happy and delightful energy.

Description: A romantic and pensive track, with piano as the lead instrument. Mellow synths , soft guitars, relaxing electric piano, electronic drum session are also there. The music is melancholy and sad. It expresses reccolections about parting with a beloved one or places which are very dear. But the composition also tells about the hope to retrieve things that were leaved or lost, since. Not all partings are for ages, one mustn't surrender!

Description: A positive and bright, motivational track with piano as the main instrument. There also stroked guitar, sharp inflaming violins, friendly bas and drum patterns. The composition expresses everyday working with good people on good job, which gives opportunity to self-realization and creativity. It' a job where one feels as on vacation, because his job is what he like to do.

Description: A positive and bright composition with piano as the main instrument. There are also sharp strings, stroked guitar, fast bass and varied drum patterns. the music expresses pleasant impressions of a voyage, visiting many beautiful places at once, a journey around the world which have been dreamed for a long time, meeting good people, nice exotic nature and landscapes, interesting traditions of visited countries.

Description: A tender and melancholy track, with pensive and sad piano, which is lead instrument there. Mellow plangent violins, soft guitar strokes, varied bass, quiet synth drums. The composition expresses grieve feelings and thoughts, like loneliness, sorrow or parting when it seems that such sad feeling will be for ages. But the music also tells that melancholy feelings are temporary, bad things pass anyway, and the best thing is to say buy to sadness of the past and open heart to good events, and they will undobtedly occure.

Description: A very bright and happy composition! Bright piano as the main instrument, igniting feelings and emotions, fast sharp violins which flow as the sun light, pleasant overdriven guitar solos, varied bass and drum patterns full with energy which seems will never end. The music expresses the happiness itself, whatever the cause of it, whether it's love or success. It's a beautiful feeling which never be forgotten and will be carried in heart through all life.

Description: A mad and festive melody with crazy brass instruments which make really stupid and funny sounds. Good one for laugh since it's a fooling around itself in the composition.

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