Description: Gets you moving. A friendly, good feeling, dance tune with catchy chords and likable melody

Description: Dreamy Horizons, Ethereal Skies. Modern Inspirational and Spiritual, Pop chill out. For airy romance and soulful comfort. Uplifting flowing Music With wordless Vocalists. Big, atmospheric and Relaxing. Heart warming romantic underscore.

Description: Strong powerful kicks and snares, bright and bouncey hats-percussion, low pounding sub bass, spacey sound effects, thick layered trance style synth melodies, and percussive synth chord stabs / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs strong driving club-pop with a great happy feel good melody.

Description: Romantic and positive track in the disco style, featuring a trumpet, sax and classic disco attributes . Gentle, dreamy and slightly melancholic.

Description: Bright & punchy kicks, powerful snares, bright highs, funky percussion, ambient electro synth effects, electro bass synths, light chord pads, and an 80's synth lead / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs strong driving electro pop.

Description: Low distorted synth drops, thick layered synth melodies, lush chord pads, low sub bass drops, electro synth bass, low sub bass, crisp & thick kicks-snares, break-beat drum loops, and electro synth chord patterns / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs driving electro-pop with a strong melody.

Description: How may I help you, is there something Baby, I can do for you?

Description: Bright, happy and upbeat Europop dance track. Epic energetic dancefloor filler with solid four on the floor beats. Featuring dance synths & sequencers. 30sec Commercial - full mix & underscore versions

Description: Thick layered electro synths, sharp synth string chord stabs, 808 bass boom, banging break-beat drums, bright hats and percussion, panning trance style synth melodies, and smooth electro bass / Think Timbaland works with RedOne / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs hard driving electro-pop.

Description: Primary Genre Pop - General Secondary Genre Pop - Electro Mood 1 Happy - Cheerful Mood 2 Friendly - Gracious Similar Artist 1 Bruno Mars Similar Artist 2 Ludacris Subject Matter 1 Concepts - Light Subject Matter 2 Time - Future