Description: A pop song, a bit eighties with a catchy melody, china kind of key. Use it for commercial, promotion, artistic video, motivational or publicity.

Description: Energetic, motivational, happy and positive music ideal for pop, corporate advertising, inspiring advertising. This upbeat track with positive and pretty mood is suitable for background music for YouTube videos, TV shows, corporate and business presentations. I hope this stylish composition can enhance your project, whether it be for corporate or personal use.

Description: Flying high over mountains with lush greenery, on to the shores of a beautiful blue ocean. All of the world coming together. This track gives a feeling of beauty, peace romance and harmony. Features Piano, String Orchestra, and English Horn. Ideal track for travel film.

Description: Upbeat & inspiring corporate pop rock track with harmonics and electric guitar (long version 3:35 min).

Description: Upbeat intrumental pop rock trak with a retro vibe. Perfect for corporate media uses that need a little edgyness.

Description: Motivating music with uplifting parts and explosive chorus. The energy of the music takes it to the next level, and works great for visual projects, presentations, ads and events.

Description: Energetic, lively and upbeat pop with a happy bounce and a hint of rock. Electric guitars, great beats and funky sexy synths all combine to create an irresistibly catchy and infectious track which sounds like Katy Perry & Ariana Grande meeting Daft Punk. 60 & 30 second edits are available, as well as a specially extended version.

Description: Happy song with an acoustic background, almost country, melodic rock with a touch of hope that inspires and encourages the positive overshoot. Acoustic guitar, U2 delay electric guitar, strings and melodic synthetizer are the keys to this song. “Ok Happy Time” is a uplifting business / corporate track that brings images of business success, productivity and growth.

Description: Determined and bright with warm acoustic piano and electric guitar create an optimistic mood and depict an infomercial.