Description: Pop rock acoustic sweet happy positive mid-tempo tambourine guitar bass drums indie thoughtful reflective emotional moving travelling winning winner award reality show.

Description: Dream flying ambient electronic sequencer shaman music. With processed Didgeridoo, sequenced synth percolation, warm pads, ocarina, rain stick and shamanic vocal calls. Good for sci-fi, drama, history, documentary, space visuals, ethnic, period, or flying and dream sequences

Description: the sun is going down is a light guitar theme combined with some light drum gooves, keyboard sounds and bass.

Description: "Uplifting Inspiration" is a motivational modern, warm corporate background track with a very inspiring and uplifting mood. It will work fine along with your corporate presentation, Youtube video, educational video, movie, documentary film, slideshow and many other application, also it's designed to work great with voiceovers.

Description: Inspirational and uplifting piece. Perfect for corporate video or slideshow.

Description: Delight motivational corporate contemporary documentary people future science presentation business bright positive easy optimistic success life confidence uplifting trust positivity bright prospects luxury high-end cars jewelry fashion style extraordinary modern spirit state of the art design architecture noble clever smart phone apple mobile powerbook iphone.

Description: Syncopated and funky pop-rock track that gives you a feel good, positive and uplifting feeling that can fit your instrumental music needs for corporate TV commercial and add, video presentation product campaign and DVD, Web, film, sports, documentary.

Description: Light up tone music with good feelings and memories about caribbean vacation. Good for optimistic videos.

Description: Positive, motivating and uplifting music track with beautiful melodic lines and harmonies featuring piano, emotional orchestral strings, glockenspiel, drums and bass. Composition starts with a simple and peaceful piano melody accompanied by legato strings and builds up to an inspiring main part with staccato strings and drums to conclude with an ending similar to the intro. This inspirational music track is great for commercials, adverts, TV and radio, films, trailers and more.