Description: Cheerful, playful song,full of joyful moments and positive inspiration with upbeat guitar strum,piano,strings and sweet bells and female vocals.

Description: action, advertise, beat, best, business, club, corporate, dance, drive, drum, electronic, guitar, happy, hot, house, joyful, modern, motivational, night, optimistic, party, positive,

Description: This underscore is super positive, fun and light. It is bright, bouncy and heartwarming, perfect for any product or service aimed at improving or enhancing someone’s life. It conjures up happy dreams and lighthearted thoughts.

Description: This track is written in the genre of motivational and corporate with a confident and bright sound with a fade out in the final.Perfect for many projects media , creating videos, background music, YouTube videos , corporate videos, business video production, advertising and much more

Description: Corporate/Pop soundtrack, features ukulele, percussion, claps, acoustic drums, piano, bells and orchestra elements. Great for television commercials, youtube blogs, presentations and other projects.

Description: Upbeat intrumental pop rock trak with a retro vibe. Perfect for corporate media uses that need a little edgyness.

Description: Bright cheerful successful happy determined optimistic positive achievement bright refreshing fresh uplifting feel good fun festive playful cheerful lively entertaining celebration smiling cheery kind sprightly children animation games puzzles playground joy joyful motivating inspiring loving caring playful casual everyday cheerful content enthusiastic positive jubilant inspiring inspirational motivating motivational soothing sweet bouncy happy confident enthusiastic motivational childrens sweet.

Description: This modern corporate music combines happiness and beauty in a simple and sophisticated easy listening track. The catchy piano arrangement is accompanied with a fun acoustic guitar and ukulele while the glockenspiel plays a heartwarming melody. This music is perfect for a wide variety of applications including ads, business, television, explainers, and much more.

Description: An uplifting and positive corporate pop track, featuring electric guitars, piano, strings, modern synth sounds and solid beats. Perfect for use in corporate or tech presentations, documentary films and general videos.

Description: This modern easy listening corporate music combines a happy and joyful vibe with innovative, fun, and successful tones. The ukulele and acoustic guitar strum a bright rhythm while the bells and pizzicato strings play a lively melody that shines with brightness and energy. Whether for ads, business, commercial, corporate, television, or more; this music is sure to be a great choice.