Description: Uplifting, optimistic, positive light and fresh track. Transparent electric and mute guitars, floating motivation piano theme, strings orchestra, pads and straight rhythm section. The composition is suitable for musical backgrounds or sound illustrations, soundtrack or audio presentation.

Description: Energetic, lively and upbeat guitar pop with a happy bounce, and a surprisingly beautiful second movement featuring piano and strings. An irresistibly catchy and infectious track which sounds like Katy Perry & Ariana Grande meeting Daft Punk. 60 & 30 second edits are available, as well as a specially extended 10 minute version. This will appeal to a wide demographic of young and old.

Description: Groovy pop / hip hop instrumental with slightly oriental string hookline

Description: Light, motivating, uplifting corporate music track. Muted guitar in the upper range, inspires piano theme, straight rock drums and powerful bass. The mood is positive, self-confidence, will to win and succeed. Can be used as backgrounds, soundtrack, sound illustration or sound effects to a video presentation.

Description: Uplifting and motivational track with guitars, pop drums and orchestral instruments: cellos, violins ensemble, bells and concert piano. Perfect for any corporate positive and catchy project, commercials, promotions and motivational presentation.

Description: Motivating, uplifting, corporate track with transparent electric guitars, floating piano theme, pads and percussion. Can be used as backgrounds, soundtrack, sound illustration to a video presentation or any other projects.

Description: Upbeat,catchy, and energetic modern track ,with guitar riffs,synths lead and punchy drums. Great energy for TV commercials,corporate video, website, advertising,and other media projects.

Description: Uplifting, pleasant and motivational track with a melodic piano theme and an orchestral accompaniment. The end of the track is arranged in an orchestral and uplifting way for an intense and successful final. Great for any marketing campaign for a very large, popular or elite target audience, TV commercials, company presentation, YouTube project, website and more.

Description: This track is written in a very positive pop-rock genre and is perfect for many projects media , creating videos, background music, YouTube videos , corporate videos, business video production, advertising and much more

Description: Upbeat & inspiring corporate pop rock track with harmonics and electric guitar (long version 3:35 min).