Description: This is very positive and uplifting composition, with upbeat acoustic guitars and female vocals. Ideal background for corporate video, website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.

Description: Sentimental and sacrifice. This score would compliment any cue that needs an infusion of emotion and dreamy sadness.Great for anything needing something special to fit many projects.

Description: Repeating Phrases and Textures, Pop, Corporate, Upbeat, Determined.

Description: A happy and children's song! It will bring you smile, and will make you want to go on holiday with your family! Acoustic guitar, whistling, glockenspiel and claps: The recipe for happiness!

Description: Positive Energy is a powerful, cheerful and inspiring piece of music with piano, keyboard, synthesizer, drums and guitars.

Description: This track sounds like a bunch of musicians/friends jamming and having fun. It has tons of energy and enthusiasm. This track can be great for teenage fun. It has a universal generic

Description: This motivating and inspiring modern pop music is a contemporary blend of cool meets successful. The hypnotic harmonic guitar melodies are complimented by a soothing keyboard, strong minimal bass, and percussion. The music works great for a wide variety of applications including business, corporate, explainers, ads, and much much more.

Description: This positive and energetic underscore is a perfect addition to any advertisement or campaign. It is engaging and fun. This production is sure to motivate your audience to a lighter mood and associate happy thoughts with your product or your service. Engage and motivate your audience!

Description: This is a very positive motivational track Genre : Ambient, Cinematic, Chill-Out, Movies, Commercials, TV, Radio, Show, Epic, Fantasy, Fashion, Multimedia, Romantic, Technology, Television Mood : Atmospheric, Beautiful, Big, Bouncy, Bright, Breezy, Calm, Catchy, ChillOut, Confident, Cool, Delicate, Dramatic, Dreamy, Driving, Dynamic, Easy, Emotional, Energetic, Epic, Erotic, Exotic, HighTech, Hypnotic, Intense, Light, Love, Magical, Majestic, Mellow, Meditative, Modern, Nostalgic, Nature, Optimistic, Peaceful, Powerful, Positive, Relaxing, Pompous, Sensitive, Soft, Touching, Trance, Warm Instruments : Bass, Double Bass, Strings, Synth, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, E.Piano, Synthesizer, Cymbals, Ethnic Percussion, Percussion, Shaker, Drum Loops, Drums, Sound Effects, Electronics

Description: Synth based easy, corporate track. Good background for any project.

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