Description: Energetic, lively and upbeat guitar pop with a happy bounce, and a surprisingly beautiful second movement featuring piano and strings. An irresistibly catchy and infectious track which sounds like Katy Perry & Ariana Grande meeting Daft Punk. 60 & 30 second edits are available, as well as a specially extended 10 minute version. This will appeal to a wide demographic of young and old.

Description: This music screams this is modern, cool, and pay attention. The piano plays out a strong rhythm as the cool melodies take the listener on a positive and inspiring ride. The bells play with the piano while the overall tone is perfect for a wide variety of applications including ads, logos, business, presentation, explainers, radio, television, and much much more.

Description: A positive business track in F major inspired by Pachelbel's canon Tempo: 120 bpm

Description: Relaxed, carefree retro organ and electric guitar, congas and percussion groove with A/B parts.

Description: Energetic, pumping, dance-like rhythm that invokes action. Great for project where energy and action is the theme.

Description: A pumping, strong synth based dance song that portrays power. Great for projects where high energy is needed.

Description: Happy, Fun, Smiling, Optimistic, Carefree, Caring

Description: Happy, Fun, Smiling, Optimistic, Carefree, Caring

Description: Bright and bouncy with earthy acoustic guitar, and pulsing drum loops create an optimistic mood depicting an infomercial scene.

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