Description: In this positive and hopeful pop track , acoustic piano and drums are accented with clean and distorted electric guitars. The modern acoustic sounds and straight drum beat gives this track an urban/r&b groove with loads of warmth and emotion.

Description: new age pop song about loving artistic music devoid of pop idiocy. A love of Progressive rock and an honor toward them. .

Description: an uplifting instrumental featuring 12 string guitar, choir, orchestral tones and french horns.

Description: a sensitive feel good 30 second track.

Description: A happy uplifting tune.Perfect background music for those unforgettable summer beach relax moments..

Description: a positive mid-tempo 1 minute track with a strong finish.

Description: lounge groove with catchy trumpet & saxophone phrases.

Description: acoustic guitars combined with electronic drums & synths.

Description: a nice ac 30 second track.

Description: acoustic guitar instrumental.

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